How To Make a Cullerton Street Cocktail

As you approach the building housing Green River – the new cocktail bar/restaurant collaboration between Danny Meyer’s NYC-based Union Square Hospitality Group and the Dead Rabbit – you can’t help but take pause. “Hang on,” you say to yourself. “Are we going to Stan’s Donuts, or are we getting a colonoscopy?” You enter a nondescript revolving door at Northwestern Hospital, walk past a corporate-looking security desk, and head up to the 18th floor. As you exit the elevators, walk past the host stand and take a left, walk down a long hallway, and enter Green River, with its commanding views of to the east and south. The patio is certainly impressive, but not nearly as much as the drink list. In a city with ambitious cocktail programs at places like The Violet Hour, Billy Sunday and The Aviary, Green River slips right into their midst, thanks in part to a creative, uniquely original cocktail menu spearheaded by Head Bartender Julia Momose, (a veteran of The Aviary). Normally, I try to offer simple advice for these “how tos” and give you relatively easy recipes. Not this time. Once you see how much their ice block machine costs, you’ll realize you’re never making this drink, at least not exactly like they’re doing it at Green River.

Cullerton Street 

Courtesy: Julia Momose, Green River

1 Tsp Demerara Sugar Syrup
0.25 oz Verjus Blanc
0.25 oz Kummel
0.75 oz Pineau des Charentes
2 oz Barley Tea Infused Nikka Coffey Grain Whiskey
Method: Stirred
Glassware: Double Rocks Glass, Ice Cube
Garnish: Fukujinzuke Spray, Lemon Expression

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