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Chicago’s Best Beef Sandwich-Driven Lunch

Turkey sandwiches are a common meal in the days after Thanksgiving. But if that gets too boring, there’s a hidden spot in Ukrainian Village where the beef sandwiches are the stars. A typical weekday lunch at Boeufhaus is pretty busy, with people sitting at tables and at the bar, all diving into sandwiches. This French-German brasserie, … Continued

What Makes Great Service?

This week on The Feed Podcast, we’re talking about service. How to hire, train staff and then deliver it with the utmost grace and professionalism. We’ll talk with the founder of one of the most successful restaurant groups in the country, then spend time behind the bar with a Bar Manager on a busy night, … Continued

How To Make a Cullerton Street Cocktail

As you approach the building housing Green River – the new cocktail bar/restaurant collaboration between Danny Meyer’s NYC-based Union Square Hospitality Group and the Dead Rabbit – you can’t help but take pause. “Hang on,” you say to yourself. “Are we going to Stan’s Donuts, or are we getting a colonoscopy?” You enter a nondescript … Continued

Bar Raval

I’m a big fan of Bar Isabel, so when I heard they were opening a tapas bar, I had pretty high hopes. It delivered on all of them. The biggest problem here is making decisions, and be careful, because your eyes will be bigger than your stomach. Many of the items are laid out on … Continued

Au Cheval

An upscale take on the American diner with great cocktails, matzo ball soup and yes, those cheeseburgers. During brunch (and after midnight) check out the chilaquiles, but be sure your friends are joining you, because the mound is enough to feed six. It seems like Brendan Sodikoff and the Hogsalt team thought of everything here … Continued