New Wave of Pizzas in Chicago Brings Unfamiliar Styles to Town

Chicagoans have been eating mainly three styles of pizza over the past century: tavern-style, deep-dish and stuffed. But it seems the pandemic has unleashed a new wave of pizzerias in the city, with many finding inspiration from the East Coast and giving pizza lovers a chance to try some new slices.

Pizza Friendly Pizza (Sicilian)
1039 N. Western Ave.

Milly’s Pizza in the Pan (Deep Pan)
1801 N. Spaulding Ave.
Wed – Sun pickup or delivery only

Pizza Lobo (NYC style)
3000 W. Fullerton Ave.

Le Pizza at Whiner Beer Co. (NYC style)
1400 W. 46th St.
Wed – Sun but must book a reservation due to distancing rules indoors

also mentioned:
Paulie Gee’s Logan Square (NYC slices)
2451 N. Milwaukee Ave.

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