Paging Dr. Seuss Fans: Will You Try Them In Chicago?

Orange's green eggs and ham are a more than worthy tribute to Dr. Seuss's work.
Orange’s green eggs and ham are a more than worthy tribute to Dr. Seuss’s work.


By Ivan Yeh
Hapless Intern


Do you like green eggs and ham? On a lark, have you had them on Clark? Or perhaps you’ve made a demand, that you have them on Grand?


If you spent your childhood anywhere in the United States, chances are you grew up reading Dr. Seuss’s critically acclaimed book “Green Eggs and Ham.” I did, and I distinctly remember wondering to myself after every read what green eggs would taste like.


Well, the wait is over. For $8.99, I was able to satisfy my lifelong curiosity at Orange, a contemporary brunch restaurant located in River North.


Orange’s twist on this storybook dish involves scrambling eggs with diced ham, large chunks of roasted red tomatoes and homemade basil pesto (which does not contain nuts, for those with allergies) to color the eggs green. The eggs are then topped off with a glob of half-solid mozzarella cheese for added texture and volume. The dish also includes a choice of toast and home potatoes, which are mashed with rosemary and thyme with traces of peel. Light and refreshing, this very manageable plate is perfect for a weekend brunch when paired with a mimosa or the restaurant’s “Make a Juice” option, which allows customers to create their own fresh drinks.


A longtime staple on the menu, green eggs and ham makes up about 15 percent of total scrambled egg sales every week, according to Manager Dan Howard.


“[Green eggs and ham] is a smart choice for the restaurant as we tend to draw in a younger crowd,” he said. “The dish has the familiarity element to it, and people are more willing to try it.”


Sam may not have liked his green eggs and ham anywhere, but you might beg to differ after a Sunday brunch at Orange. Incidentally, they also sell a Green Eggs and Ham at the new Eggy’s Diner in River East, which includes Anson Mills grits, tomatillo sauce, house made Tasso ham, fresh avocado, pickled onions and queso fresco. I guess I have my work cut out for me.


738 N. Clark St.
(312) 202-0600


730 Grand Ave.
(312) 942-0300


2413 N. Clark St.
(773) 549-7833


2011 W. Roscoe
(773) 248-0999

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