Senza Plays Gluten-Free Coffee Shop

By Camille Izlar

Hapless Intern


Gluten-free diners have been enjoying the creative, mind-boggling good food at Senza in Lake View the past few months. Now, the restaurant is betting that they’ll also enjoy sitting down for a cup of coffee and a muffin in the morning. From Tuesday through Friday mornings, they’re selling gluten-free treats from their bakery.


I’m not gluten free, but my morning of work at Senza was far more productive than if I had staked out a spot at the nearby Starbucks. I’m used to cramming into coffee shops, but the experience of relaxing a serene environment was refreshing.

When you’re next in Lakeview looking for a cozy wifi spot, try the gluten-free Senza’s morning shift.


It’s obvious the space is decked out for a dining experience, but it doubles quite well for a coffee shop. Their coffee comes from the acclaimed Bridgeport Coffee and the latte was just right. My poppyseed muffin was rather petite and a little dry, but the coconut macaroon and almond cookie were excellent and the taste was just as good if not better than “normal” (gluten) baked goods. You can pre-order fresh baked gluten-free goods from the Senza bakery as well. Their fast-growing collection includes:


– Breads (including vegan)
– Mini Loafs
– English Muffins
– Biscuits
– Chocolate Chip Cookies
– Blueberry, and Orange Poppyseed Muffins
– Coconut Macaroons
– Date Maamouls
– Pecan Clouds
– Dark Chocolate Doughnuts (vegan)


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