Top 5 Chicago Kid-Friendly Places To Dine

Wall of cereal at Glenn's Diner


I’ve always told parents of young children to head to Chinatown, because nearly every restaurant welcomes children and most offer smaller portions of easy-to-digest dishes (except for Lao Szechuan, which might be for more advanced tweens). My daughter was a regular at Phoenix when she was six weeks old, and her favorite food to this day remains congee. But outside of the Joy Yee’s and Triple Crowns, the rest of the city may seem more daunting to parents. They don’t want to annoy other diners, but they still want to show their children that dining out is a part of life, and shouldn’t be relegated to the ubiquitous mac ‘n cheese or chicken fingers.


The following restaurants offer not only kid-sized portions and special menus, they also understand that families can’t linger forever, hoping to avoid a meal with a side dish of melt down.


Gemini Bistro
2075 N. Lincoln Ave.
(773) 525-2522


Glenn’s Diner
1820 W. Montrose Ave.
(773) 506-1720


5665 N. Lincoln Ave.
(773) 561-2277


Prairie Grass Cafe
601 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook
(847) 205-4433


John’s Place
1200 W. Webster Ave.
(773) 525-6670