Top 5 Shrimp Shacks in Chicago

photo of Snappy's Shrimp courtesy Joseph Storch

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a basket of fried shrimp, right? They are wonderful for soaking up alcohol in the middle of the night, but Chicago’s fried shrimp houses also manage to keep alive the dream that we, too, can access the fruits of the Gulf anytime of the year. Bonus points go to those who make their own zippy cocktail sauce. Sure, there was an oil spill last summer down there, cutting off the shrimpers for a while, but it hasn’t seemed to slow these folks down one bit (which makes me wonder, but oh, what the hell).


1. Frank’s Chicago Shrimp House, 4459 S. Archer Ave, (773) 523-4624


2. Hagen’s Fish Market, 5635 W. Montrose Ave., (773) 283-1944


3. Snappy’s Shrimp House, 1901 West Irving Park Road, (773) 244-1008


4. Goose Island Shrimp House, 1011 West Division Street, (312) 642-3640


5. Troha’s Shrimp and Fish House, 4151 W 26th St., (773) 521-7847

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