Chez Wong

Located in San Isidro, this restaurant is actually situated on the ground floor of chef and owner Javier Wong’s apartment, in what used to be his garage, and the mass of pictures of him with famous faces like Bourdain and Ripert signal you’re in for something special. Guess what? You’re not. DO NOT, I repeat, do not waste the time and money schlepping here, no matter what your celebrity chef friend tells you. It’s a 3-course joke. The first time I ate here, we had flounder and octopus ceviche, stir-fried flounder with cantaloupe and wood ear mushrooms then a tiradito of flounder with crushed peanuts and chili sauce. The second time? Same exact thing, except that final time – without the benefit of dining with a local – they stuck us with a bill of $70 per person (including my kids) for those three uninspired courses (there is no menu, it’s just three courses, and the server decides what to charge you). You know it’s bad when the waiter tells you the break between the 2nd and 3rd course is now the time for taking pictures with the chef. Never again.

Chez Wong

Calle Enrique Leon Garcia 114, Lima, Peru; (+511 470 6217)


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