Freddy’s Pizza in Cicero Hits 65 Years and Hasn’t Slowed Down

Joe Quercia started working at Freddy’s in 1968 – an Italian immigrant who couldn’t speak English. He bought the business in 1973 and has never left. He and his wife continue to run this tiny store and deli, and they’re as busy as ever. Definitely one of Chicago’s legendary joints.

1600 S. 61st Ave. Cicero, IL

11 responses to “Freddy’s Pizza in Cicero Hits 65 Years and Hasn’t Slowed Down
  1. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for sharing this segment on Freddy’s. I got to know about Freddy’s through you when you were doing your Chicago land pizza tour. I really like shops & food places like Freddy’s. I haven’t had a chance to go there yet because it’s far from me, but I hope to make it out there someday soon.

  2. Not only is the food fantastic, but Joe, Ann Marie , and their staff make it feel like home.

  3. Freddy’s is the absolute best in the chicagoland region … the Italian food is always fresh and so authentic you feel like you are in Italy enjoying the Mediterranean … thanks for showcasing them

  4. We celebrated my son’s birthday there last night. He turned 30. We’ve been buying their delicious food since he was a baby! I love the chicken limón, pasta, pizza, Italian bread, gelato, and Italian ice.

  5. I was introduced to this establishment by an individual I would later get engaged to. The marriage never came to fruition however I’m eternally grateful to know this couple and their gem. Great people!

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