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Humboldt Park’s First Brewpub Offers Norwegian Flavors

Despite the fact that significant numbers of Norwegian immigrants could be found on the Northwest Side 100 years ago, Norwegian food is not too common in Chicago. Humboldt Park’s first micro-brewery, Ørkenoy, has opened in the Kimball Arts Center where the menu is influenced mainly by Norway. Orkenoy 1757 N. Kimball Ave. 312-929-4024

Avondale’s Santa Masa Producing Thousands of Tamales Every Week

Homemade tamales can be found all over Chicago, sometimes from storefronts, other times from street carts. And with Hispanic Heritage Month beginning soon, I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks taking a closer look at a few of my favorite dishes from Spanish-speaking countries, beginning with Mexico. There’s a husband-and-wife company producing thousands of … Continued

Paletas Dominate Menu at SW Side Sweets Shop

Paletas are a summertime treat found all over the region, often in Mexican ice cream shops. There are both milk and water-based versions, but there’s so much more than just mango or strawberry. A tiny shop on the city’s Southwest Side produces more than 60 flavors, some completely unique, inspired by the owner’s childhood in Mexico. Razpachos … Continued