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Asian Peanut Noodle Salad Recipe

After I posted a picture and some videos of this peanut noodle salad yesterday on Insta and Facebook, I had several comments asking for the recipe, so I’m obliging. By the way, I was making the salad as a way to highlight buying local ingredients from a local grocer (in this case, Green Grocer in … Continued

Sourdough Starters and Tartines in Florida’s Panhandle

Hidden among the ice cream shops and pizza parlors along Highway 30A in Florida’s panhandle, the Black Bear Bread Company is a beacon of all-natural starters and artisan breads. I asked them to show me how they make a pair of their delicious tartines (open-faced sandwiches) using their fantastic sourdough. Black Bear Bread Co. 26 … Continued

“Good Eating” 5th Anniversary – Segment 2

Segment two of our one-hour special from Jan. 2000, as Chef Charlie Trotter co-hosted with me at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago. 30 of the city’s best chefs joined us, as Chef Sarah Stegner made lunch for everyone. Highlights include: Rick Bayless, Rick Tramonto, Gale Gand, Julia Child, Emeril Lagasse and the first (and only) video of … Continued

Venezuelan Arepas in Lake View Make Tasty Sandwiches

Don’t confuse Venezuelan arepas with Colombian versions. They’re completely different. At 11 Degree North, in Chicago’s Lake View neighborhood, they are making them just like back home.  11 Degree North 824 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago 773-904-7284​

“Good Eating” 5th Anniversary – Seg. 1

Talk about a Throwback Thursday…a few months ago, I unearthed some old Beta SP tapes from my Chicagoland TV (CLTV) days. In the eight years (and more than 400 episodes) of the “Good Eating” show I produced and hosted, we did a special, one-hour edition for our 5th anniversary, in January of 2000. The year … Continued

A Trio of Chicken Parm Sandwiches in Chicago

There are several great sandwiches available in Chicago. The Italian beef and the Maxwell Street porkchop come to mind, but finding a good Chicken Parm is just as rewarding. Here’s a whirlwind tour of three tasty ones. Robert’s Pizza & Dough Co. 465 N. McClurg Ct. 312-265-1328 D’Amato’s 1124 W. Grand Ave. 312-733-5456 … Continued

Tacos Al Pastor at Taqueria Chingón

This taqueria, along busy Western Ave., hand-stacks their tacos al pastor with pork, but they also make a delicious vegetarian version with celery root and portobello mushrooms in butter confit. The melding of French and Mexican techniques is consistent, since each of the two chef-partners hails from different backgrounds.   Taqueria Chingón 2234 N. Western … Continued

Hand-Stacked Shawarma, Homemade Falafel the Stars at Crave Kabob

Shawarma stands selling falafel, kabobs and other Middle Eastern dishes are all over the region. But a locally-owned concept – with locations in Skokie and the West Loop – differentiates itself, by hand-stacking their shawarma each day into giant cones that are cooked slowly. Crave Kabob 1521 W. Madison St. 312-600-6800 7240 Niles Center … Continued

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Hunanese & Cantonese Dishes

There were no ball drops last night at midnight, but Friday is the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Ox would typically usher in parades and family feasts in Chinatown, but with COVID-19, it’s obviously a different story. I visited a pair of restaurants this weekend. One specializes in Hunan cuisine and the other focuses … Continued

Harold’s Chicken Celebrates 70 Years, Expanding to Other Cities

As we kick off Black History this month, I’ve been searching out some of the oldest Black-owned businesses in the area. I talked to the family behind a pioneer: Harold’s Chicken Shack, which just celebrated its 70th year in business. Harold’s Chicken 45 locations (26 in Illinois)